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We have moved!!

March 15, 2010 4:29 pm · Posted by shoppegirls

Thankyou all so much for your interest and following shoppegirls. The new blog/magazine can now be found here at www.shoppegirls.com
I have a competitione running at the moment which finishes on the 25th March. Take a look a the new page for details.
Thank you
Vicki xx


Gorgeousness ~ Chic by Sha

March 10, 2010 10:49 am · Posted by shoppegirls

Passionate in great style, Sha Anderson has brought together a collective range of fashion for ladies and little girls. It is owned and designed by the stylish soul herself, who is a Mother to Shakira Ella and Orlando Ejaz, and absolutely living life to her fullest with her husband and little family in charming Melbourne.

Working with talented international designers, Sha has created designs such as the Mon Chic Clutch collection exclusively her own. Chic by Sha is also an Australian pettiskirt label whose signature designs are the Vintage Lace, Chic prints, Vintage Tattoo Wear and Mini pettiskirts celebrated by soon to be brides, flower girls and fashionistas worldwide. Welcoming custom requests on pettiskirts and tops, do send your email to sha@chicbysha.com.

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Proudly seen on many international press such as e-magazines LMNOP and well-known international blogs like The Bella Cottage, Yummy Mummy Club and various noted fashionable magazines, Chic by Sha stands out in her own uniqueness of original designs and style.


Meet Naomi Vasington ~ awesome photographer

March 9, 2010 1:44 pm · Posted by shoppegirls

Hi my name is Naomi Vasington, owner of Naomi V Photography. I fell in love again 2 years ago - would love to say with my husband (yes honey I do love you.....) but alas, it was photography that stole my heart. From the first moment I put that viewfinder up to my eye, I knew it was real love! Ok seriously though, I do breathe, eat and live photography and I sometimes wonder why I love it so much and why I am so addicted - but I just can't work it out. Maybe it is those perfect moments you capture when no-one is watching, the smile on a brides face or maybe I just love running after 2 years old......whatever it is I want to pass my enthusiasm onto you and infect you just a little with my passion!

I was lucky enough 6 months ago to be given the amazing opportunity to do the photography for the beautiful new magazine Peekaboo (www.peekaboomagazine.com.au) and it has opened up so many doors for me. I really am very lucky. Things are really picking up for me now and I have bookings all year for weddings, commercial shoots planned and lots of exciting things happening with Peekaboo Magazine – I can’t wait to see what 2010 will bring.

Here are a few of my favourite images and if you would like to see more of my work you can visit www.naomivphotography.com.au or naomivphotographyblog.com.au.


Peekaboo Magazine

March 9, 2010 11:29 am · Posted by shoppegirls

Lovely Bianca publisher and creative director of this fabulous magazine sent me a copy. I was so excited to receive it in the mail. A lovely easy to read publication with lots of competitions and features for your perusal. My favourite was the feature on the lovely Jennifer director and creator of ministylista.

Lots of enticing photos with lovely fashion spreads and proud mothers talking business and how they manage their lives. Lots of links and addresses to shop til you drop.

Take a look at the gorgeous magazine by a gorgeous and creative lady.


~ Monkeytail and Wellington ~

March 8, 2010 7:09 pm · Posted by shoppegirls

Rockin’ the Suburbs Junior Style
We hope you’ve heard the buzz about Monkeytail and Wellington by now. No? Well let us fill you in! Monkeytail and Wellington are going to be to childrens’ music what Vegemite is to a sandwich! A big call you may say? Sure is, but I bet Vegemite started out as a crazy idea in someone’s kitchen once upon a time too!
One of our specialties at Monkeytail and Wellington is kids’ music. Forget primary colours, dancing dinosaurs and nursery rhymes, we’re talking Kindie Rock! Real musicians making real music for kids. And Monkeytail and Wellington is the place to find new sounds from independent artists from around the world.
We research our music, really listen to it and only bring you tried and tested (read lounge room disco approved) tunes. Tunes that talk to kids about kids’ stuff, backed by a funky beat. We talk to the artists, interview them and review their music for our blog. We are slowly spreading the word that if the music is Monkeytail and Wellington approved, it most likely won’t make your ears bleed on the next car trip.
Our store motto is “Celebrating Kids Being Kids”. We don’t want them to grow up any faster than they have to. It’s too often while listening to the radio that, sure the music has a beat, but the subject matter is just unsuitable for little ears. For that reason, we carry several compilation albums in our catalogue of popular “grown up” songs which are suitable for kids, as well as a range of albums from popular recording artists singing songs just written for kids.
Our current featured artists include Caspar Babypants (who you may also recognize as Chris Ballew from The Presidents of the United States of America fame); modern folk singer Frances England, and the king and queen of lullabies Renee & Jeremy. Our catalogue also includes chart topping and award winning names such as They Might Be Giants and Ziggy Marley.


Lovely French Design.

March 6, 2010 9:32 am · Posted by shoppegirls

<a href=" http://www.commeducoton.fr/"> Comme de Coton</a>


Adoreable ~ Millie Molly Moo!

March 5, 2010 7:28 pm · Posted by shoppegirls

Meet Kerri Jennings
Owner of one of Australia’s most popular online store’s, Millie Molly Moo

What is the story behind Millie Molly Moo?
Millie Molly Moo was named after my daughter Millie and my niece Molly, who my sister and I both call Millie Moo and Molly Moo. It began as a small bricks and mortar store in Portland in 2006 and is evolving into one of the leading online childrens boutiques in Australia.

What makes Millie Molly Moo stand out from other online stores?
We try hard to create a WOW factor with our customers. It is very satisfying to hear the “oohs” and “aahs” whether it be via email, phone or in person… one customer from New Zealand described Millie Molly Moo as the most gorgeous children’s store in Australia…we have over 80 unique brands…our wrapping is beautiful and customers feel special when they shop with us.

I obsess over and love and work absolutely crazy hours on Millie Molly Moo and it is so satisfying to make customers happy, our main focus is to make our customers love us.

How is selling online different from selling in a store?
Being online makes customer service doubly important. If a customer changes their mind about a purchase we happily exchange or refund because if the customer isn’t happy then they won’t come back.

What has been your most exciting/wonderful moment since opening Millie Molly Moo?
Being constantly inspired by my wonderful customers, many of them whom we have never met in person, but we have developed fantastic friendships with, and they have become part of our growing Millie Molly Moo family

Do you have a favourite product/brand?
It’s hard…I love all the brands we stock but my favourite at the moment would have to be Tea Princess and Paper Wings..oops I forgot Oobi Baby. Our main focus is to support Australian designers, we have so many talented designers who are doing wonderful thing both nationally and internationally.

How would you describe your style?
I love dresses, layering and pretty things, which is reflected throughout the store …everything is very pink and girly. I am a huge fan of Princess Ratbag Pettiskirts and have one myself…they are beautiful to wear and every girl should have one..they are available from babies through to adults sizes.

What can’t you live without?
My beautiful children and wonderful husband, my mum and family, my beach home, girl friends and the odd glass of wine, my daily run, my laptop (my husband thinks I’m married to it), lazy Sundays, yum cha, summer evenings on the beach…I could keep listing all day.


Gorgeous Handmade ~ MillaRuby Designs

March 4, 2010 10:40 am · Posted by shoppegirls

MillaRuby offers Handmade childrens clothing, toys and other accessories for the stylish and hip! Not only do I stock my own products but I source other wahm products that I myself fall in love with! I try and keep it affordable. I want all parents to be able to purchase unique, niche handmade products. We all like to feel special! Products I stock include clothing,hair accessories, jewellry, gift packs, minky beanies, handmade chenille owls, dolls, softies, and much more!


Beautiful ~ BabyJo

March 3, 2010 10:14 am · Posted by shoppegirls

Babyjo was “born” when I discovered Mia had a mild case of eczema. Instead of picking up the cortisone creams or chemical preparations advised, I decided to look into fabrics that may help in alleviating this uncomfortable condition. After finding bamboo and trialing it on Mia, I was surprised at how effective it was (along with being super soft and comfortable for her to wear) and at the same time I decided that I needed a challenge if I was not going to return to work. What better way than to combine my new found passion of children’s clothes, with this relatively new and superior fabric. I loved the fact that it is organically grown, environmentally sustainable and kind/soft on babies skin.

The reactions of friends and family along the way have been so important to me – my family (and most importantly) my husband, have been so supportive and encouraging – I love that I can work from home around my family (yes – often late into the night, but that’s ok) and be there to see all Mia’s important milestones along the way. Babyjo has grown from strength to strength and we are now heading into our 3rd year of operation. Plans for a more extensive range are in action and I am so excited as to what we have already achieved in this short time.

Was it difficult to get your business off the ground?
Yes (and no) – I would love to gloss over this and say that it was easy, and just happened, however that would not be entirely true and correct. It was hard taking an unknown/new brand (and a very new fabric) to retailers – you have to work twice as hard to sell the product as no one is sure if it will be successful or not. I do love the fact that there is now a strong following of “bamboo lovers” – those who have tried it and decided not to go back to cotton or synthetics. Difficulties that I had to overcome were funding for the brand, we did not take out a business loan so Babyjo has so far been self funded. Also, not having operated an ecommerce business before, I had a large amount to learn in regards to website management and sales – this all takes time and energy. I am so loving the steep learning curve though, and looking back, I wish that I had started a business like this years ago when I had a full time wage to supplement it – I would be so far ahead by now! (Ah – hindsight is wonderful)

What is the hardest decision you’ve had to make since starting your business?
Umm – there are not too many that I can think of – I try and be flexible in the way I run the business. There is no point in being so very stuck on a plan that any deviation causes a disruption. By remaining flexible (yet following my initial plan and fitting in with our company values), it is easy to change tack a little and pursue avenues that you may not necessarily have thought of previously, yet are fundamental to ensuring that the business is able to grow and expand. Taking the step from spending a little bit of money on a small range, to spending a huge amount of money on new designs and a very large order was really the “make or break it” decision that we made that I won’t forget in a hurry – but still, this is all just part of business.

What type of environment best stimulates your creativity? I love sharing ideas with my husband – we often sit around and talk about the business and ideas simply flow on from there – he is as much a part of it as I am, and I know that he understands and feels (to a certain extent) my passion for what I am trying to achieve. I find that forums such as Skout Trade Fair and Facebook are fabulous for sharing ideas, obtaining information and advice, and this motivates me to keep going on days where I may be feeling lackluster or slightly demotivated – I never realised how great social media and networking can be, however now that I am part of this community (generally Stay at home Mums in business) – I wouldn’t miss it for the world. There are so many talented women out there and everyone seems generous and supportive, important relationships when you are working from home on your own all the time.

What issues arise when juggling business and motherhood?
I often find that the minute a highly important email or phone call arises, my little one needs something. It could be a bandaid (for a fictional sore somewhere on her arms or legs), a cuddle, naughty antics such as running amuck etc. – Unlike an office job, it is so hard to just sit down and focus on the task during the day if you are juggling the two. I have always made sure that Mia comes first, and if something important for Babyjo has to wait then so be it. This type of scenario can make for long days and nights – energy is invested into mothering and playing during the day, then the minute she is asleep at night, I “go to work” so to speak, and often do not finish up until midnight or later. I have to admit that I love what I do though, so it makes it easy – some nights, I have to force myself to turn things off and go to sleep.

What advice do you have for women wanting to start a business?
I like to quote Nike on this subject “Just do it!”
I find that there are so many people out there with fantastic ideas for a business, yet they never get off the ground for one reason or another. Start and evolve as you need to. Get a good, solid business plan in place and use this to help you make the first steps. It can be altered later on, but if you don’t start, you will never get anywhere. It may seem like a huge step to take, but try to break it down into small and manageable steps then go for it!


Love Handmade ~ Chicken Ink

March 2, 2010 10:22 am · Posted by shoppegirls

Married, mother to 1 toddler and a fluffy black and white cat, Tania at Chicken Ink.Creative lives in East Gippsland VIC and spends her time crafting and taking photos. (In between cleaning dishes, making beds, cooking and all the usual mum and wife stuff). She has recently begun selling her wares at the local marketsand has an online shop at a wonderful Australian website called madeit.com.au which sells Australian handmade goods. Make sure you check it out to find some beautiful and original present ideas made by some really creative artisans from around the country! In a nut shell, Tania makes stuff with fabric and her work is best be described as contemporary craft.

<a href=" http://www.madeit.com.au/storecatalog.asp?userid=6101"> Chicken Ink</a>

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